Testbase Optional Test Scores

Does anyone know if Testbase Optional Test scores can be used to track progress the same way as standardised scores?

I’ve replied to your email as well Richard, but for anyone else reading this was my response:

Raw scores can be entered into Insight, but they are less helpful for showing progress. The problems arise when the tests are out of different numbers of marks, and also sometimes a different amount of marks is required to be “expected”.

Do Testbase give any guidance of how to evaluate their raw scores? e.g. a threshold score at which pupils are judged to be working at the expected standard?

Agree with Andrew: raw scores just aren’t that useful for measuring progress because it’s difficult to compare different tests overtime with different numbers of questions and varying difficulty. Also, there’s no benchmarking. A standardised score tells you if the pupils mark is above or below average (or well above or well below), and provides us with an idea of where the pupil ranks within a national population (based on a large sample). In short, it would be really useful if Testbase standardised there test results. Perhaps we could do this through Progress Bank if we got enough of data uploaded. Not a true stratified sample, but if we have enough data from enough schools, it will still be fairly reliable.

Andrew - I think Testbase provide a pass mark.

So will it be useful for me to upload out Testbase raw scores?

I can let you know the pass marks for year 3 to 5 if this will be useful.