Tracking mobile children (travellers)

Hi, we are a small school with a high proportion of traveller children (45% at present). Some of who are extremely mobile and have been to several different schools. Some won’t be with us for long but we have to record attainment and progress.
Would it be possible to separate these children and assess them with different objectives? We are looking at creating a list of basic skills for Reading, Writing and Maths that we would like to assess them against. Could we let you have a copy of the skills and add these to insight?
Out of interest has anyone else done this?

Hi @Kirsty_Evans, thanks for this question.

I’ve not come across other schools doing this, but you could achieve it by tagging the relevant children into an Intervention/group (called, eg, High Mobility).

You could then load up an alternative grid for these children and filter down the cohort so that you’re only seeing your High Mobility children when you’re looking at that grid or doing reporting elsewhere.

If that sounds good, could you email me your list of basic skills to and I’ll help get the ball rolling.