Tracking Timestables

Hello there,

I wanted to ask if anyone uses Insight to track the attainment of pupils in Y2-4 on learning their tables? Is this a feature which is available? Has anyone altered Insight to meet their need?

Hope this is the right place to post this!!


I’ve seen few schools tracking times tables in Insight.

Do you use the Objectives feature already? It’s possible to create a Times Table grid, where you can track what each pupil can do.

If that sounds good, please email so we can update your system.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the reply. No we don’t use the objective feature and have actively tried to stay away from it.

Would it be able to have each times table some sort of tick box affair for individual children?

Thanks in advance…

Yes that’s correct. Imagine a grid with pupil names across the top, and then a row for each times table 2x, 3x, 4x, etc.
In each grid square you can then record if the pupil can do that times table.

Hi Andrew,

That sounds great.

Would you be able to show me a screen shot of a ‘one you did earlier’,or set one up on our account so that our Maths leads can have a look?

Thanks in advance,

The Insight support team will be able to add an example Times Tables grid onto your account. Could you please email ?