Transitions to secondary school and inbetween settings

Does anyone use INSIGHT as your main SEN/ PP area? Next year I was looking at developing our use of it as a way of creating case studies for SEN children and add documents, IEPs EHCps etc as a great way of sharing and collating information on one platform rather than the three platforms currently in use. The only thing I am concerned about is how easy is it to transfer all the information to secondary schools at the end of their journey in primary education?

When using CPOMs and SIMs we can just request a transfer, press a button and it is delivered to the school- simple and not time consuming. When using Google drive, again I am able to share if given a relevant email address. I was just wondering how people were transferring with INSIGHT and how easy/ time consuming this was.

Thank you for any advice and thoughts on this matter in advance.

Hello Charlotte,

Thank you for your post - good question!

We are in the early stages of whether schools would be interested in extra modules on Insight to support Provision Mapping.

This may include the feature to create IEPs and EHC plans, very similar to the new Parent Report download. We are hoping the modules will allow the user the ability to run specific reports for example: filter Pupil Premium pupils, identify what interventions are a success/unsuccessful, costing reports for EHC pupils and more. Also, we are working on the Interventions/Groups side of Insight to include the ability to add evidence, comments, and actions.

At the moment, we are still in the research stage and finding this extremely positive. We are aware of how time-consuming Provision Mapping can be and want to investigate ways to help with the workload and make aspects easier. Unfortunately, there has been a delay in our plans due to the pandemic and the problems that has brought. We’ve not got a development schedule yet and everything’s a bit up in the air.

But we would love to find out:

• What current processes you already have in place?
• Where things are perhaps, inefficient?
• What takes up valuable time?
• How IEPs and EHC plans are recorded?
• What would you and your team find most valuable?

If any school would like to discuss further, please email or contact support on-020 3393 4005 or

Thank you to those schools who have been in contact already, your feedback is essential to us! Just a note, on time scale, realistically, plans could be up to a year although it is next on the list of things to look at - watch this space!