Yr 2 / Yr 6 SAT data - three years


It is possible for Insight to create a table or report that would show a set of data from three separate cohorts?
For example, could it show the yr 2 SAT results for Maths etc for the current year 3, 4 and 5 children?


Hi @Joanna_Wood, yes that’s absolutely possible.

To create a new table, click New and then Edit.

Click Add Column, then Assessment Column.

Choose the assessment you want to see, for example the Year 2, Summer 2, Reading, SAT. You can add other subjects in the same way.

Click Finished then Save Table and choose a name for your table.

You can now use this table to view Y2 SATs results for any cohort of children. To see Y3, Y4 and Y5 all at once, click the Year Group filter and choose Multiple selections.

Tick Y3,4,5 and click Apply Filter. You may also want to click the Group Pupils button and group by Year Group.

Let me know how you get on, and if that’s not what you had in mind!

Will try it out! Many thanks!!

Following other messages I’ve sent you regarding cohorts being compared this seems to work! Comparing yr2 children in 2018 with yr2 children in 2017.
I stumbled across it today. Other schools want to compare cohort to cohort so may be a good way for them too.

Ah yes, I hadn’t thought about it in this way this time! You’re essentially looking at eg Y3, Y4, Y5 together, and just wanting to see their Y2 SATs data. Here’s how you could set up the Cohorts > Overview - Attainment report to view that data more visually: